3 definitions by Rick Santorum

Better hide all the chocohol before my mother-in-law gets here; she is a big-league chocoholic.
by Rick Santorum November 7, 2006
A person of European extraction who is sexually attracted to persons of East-Asian extraction, often to the exclusion of members of other racial/ethnic groups.

A person possesing what is often refered to as an "Asian-fetish"

Hip Observer A: Are you aware that Mr. Ben Whitey is now pursuing relations with the new Chinese exchange student.

Hip Observer B: Verily, said gentleman is quite the "Marco Polo."

Hip Observer A: Yes, quite.
by Rick Santorum August 11, 2006
A collarless, sleeveless shirt, otherwise known as a "wife beater" which has been worn so long without cleaning that it has become completely yellow from a combination of sweat, spilt beer and smokeless tobacco spittle.
When Cletus saw the film crew from "Cops" he put on his favorite egg beater so as to look good on TV.
by Rick Santorum November 3, 2006