Noun. Stands for Eternal Friends Forever. An EFF is a living thing that exists between two people. When an EFF is achieved, it must be nurtured and weened until it is healthy and mature. It brings joy to those that it belongs to and, depending on the longevity of the EFF, it will grant it's master's eternal life.....that is, until it is broken.
EFF can be used to describe the actual relationship or entity...

"Omg, the EFF totally sucks today!"

...or it can be used to describe the participants of the EFF...

"Omg like you are totally my EFF k? Pengers and smeagols!"
by Derk July 07, 2004
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word that "rebels" usually use when they dislike something, often used in place of normal cuss words. can also be used as a random expression like oh shizznitz, holy pancakes batman, gosh bewinkers (not sure of the spelling of that one), golly, oh eff or just plain FUCK. can be used frequently around adults or parentals that are strict about our youth cussing them out. use it as yu will
eff yu, yu effing effer; go eff yurself; effing effs; oh em eff gee; why dont yu go eff yurself, man; why eff not?!; eff myspace; eff yu!!; yu stepped on my cat yu effer!; go suck on a turd, eff...; she wasnt THAT effing ugly in real-life; EFF
by UZiiISFORLOVERS March 01, 2006
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The way to say fuck if you're a pussy.
You fucking pussy. If you're going to cuss then fucking do it.
by Chipface April 09, 2005
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The effort level you would give to poops a certain girl. Judged on a scale from 1-10, this is the most varying answer depending on the guy you ask. Other poops ratings are generally agreed upon by most guys.
Bill: Would you poops?
Tom: Hell yea. Effs?
Bill: About a 9. But I still wouldn't date her.
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
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Another way to say "f in the chat"

Saying this makes everyone else in the room feel like an uncultured swine.
Person 1: Oh no! I dropped my mug.
Person 2: Eff
by Epic_Cheeto69 June 13, 2019
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