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Literally the biggest slut you have seen, no morals, no regard for anyone especially herself and is a big piece of meat
Oh shit it's Zoe the Hoe
by Wolf75 July 02, 2016

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An Acronym for the “Economic Freedom Fighters“

A Domestic terror group labeled as a political party in South Africa

It is led by the dog himself Julius Malema and his Cronies who were once part of the ANC youth division. They promise economic freedom and advancement for black people, but their means to achieve it roots from hate and spite towards white people rather than taking personal responsibility for their own shortcomings.

Some of their current objectives are to dispossess any land owners that aren’t black, take all Non blacks out of the work force, and eventually commit mass genocide all in the name of economic advancement
Johannes: hey broer, did you see malemma’s speech last night?

Willem: these EFF zots won’t stop until we’re all dead
by Wolf75 May 10, 2020

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