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A great way to not sound like a child when showing displeasure with a situation, person, action, outcome or any other thing that might go wrong in your sad little life.
This will, however, not simulate being an adult who has the balls to use big kid words. This might make you appear (based on delivery, situation and volume) 12 to 16 years of age unless you -are- said age, in which case present company's level of sobriety will determine how much of a tool you look like. The higher your company the greater the return.
Used mostly in Multiplayer Video Games to work around chat filters and to evade the Terms of Use which often frown upon language that might be considered harsh by people who think you should have their ideals.
1) Dood: "Then she stopped and I was all 'What the eff, broham?'"

Guy: "That was almost cool, but you eff'd it."

2) High Teen: "Doooood... Subbed my toe. Effin' hell, hurt like eff."

Wayhigh Teen: "I'm laughin' so hard it effin' hurts! You rock!"

Notsohigh Teen: "Eff? Really?... *yawn* What a toolbox."

3) WoWkid: "Eff, that boss one-shot me. EFF!"

WoWkid 2: "No cussing, I'm offended by people who have their own personality."

WoWkid: "Pfffff, it's not against the ToU. Nobody can stop me!"
by Machination July 21, 2011

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