1. When one is suprised, one expresses themselves by shouting "eeeks" loudly
2. When one has heard some exiting news, one exclaims "eeeks" to show their concerns or exclamation
3. Generally known as the language of mice.
1. "eeeks, its a kangaroo!"
2. "eeeks, did she really?"
3. "eeek, eeeks, eeek, eeek"
by Charlieoo July 18, 2005
exclamation. when one is overly exited beyond words, one squeals "eeeks".
"eeeks, its a kangaroo"
by Charlieo July 7, 2005
An exlamation, used to show excitement, or fear
pete--Hey Renée I won tickets to that so rad concert!
by Renizzle May 23, 2005
a word used to express extreme amounts of amazement/mockery at one individual. Also used when shooting a shot from the outside.
When Manav shot the mad three, he exclaimed," EEEK!" before he shwooshed the ball in the net.
by rocketraptor April 9, 2009
sometihng you say when you are excited
Someone is sending me a voice...EEEEEEK
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
an expression of strong repulse or loathing. must end with a period. usually used alone, without any other words.
Pleb 1: "You should sleep early, before 12am."
Pleb 2: "eeek."
by la banane September 13, 2020