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A term used by dumb niggas from Chicago to describe a woman who enjoys performing oral sex. Made popular by rapper Lil Jay in "Pornstar".
"I can turn your main bitch into a eat-eat, she wanna drop her drawers soon as she meet me." - Lil Jay
by ATLien March 03, 2015
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A term used in a child care setting and improperly used at home with children over 1 years of age.

Often used to describe the need of food.
Example: Jahkie you wanna eat eat?

Translation: Jahkie are you hungry for food?
by ITVLC February 21, 2009
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A term used to encourage "gains" when working out or body building/sculpting.
"Damn Jeana you look poppin!!"

"Thanks Gerald, been working out getting them gainsss"

"AYE that's wassup EAT EAT"
by Nerdystreetzta April 16, 2018
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