Giving head, or more specifically, a description of a young lady who hasn't given up her virginity yet, but does indulge in after meal tubular snacks ending with cream.
Overheard at a wild party: "I know she's inexperienced in many ways, sexually, but she does eat crayons. I can see from the crust on her upper lip."
by Ocean Designer September 29, 2006
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When a person is bad at everything and increasingly stupid the you assume that he/she eats crayons for enjoyment.
Yesterday Cody started yelling at me for stealing his phone when it was in his hand the whole time, and i thought to myself: He is one crayon eating motherfucker.
by Kokomoa February 4, 2014
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a rad photography site started by Rachel Ramos in 2007!
eat a crayon photography
by rayyychell March 14, 2009
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A vast majority of guys in internet chat rooms, who cannot seem to grasp the basic principles or respect, class and dignity...or the concept that most women dont want to see their matter how proud you may be of it. This also cover guys who think jacking off in front of random women is in anyway at all a turn on to us.
If one more Crayon Eating Motherfucker sends me a dick pic I am going to spray mace in his dickhole!
by ddyslilfckdll February 25, 2019
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A psycho that you hate, or a person that bugs you all the time. You call them a crayon-eating parrot because they are weird and they even LOOK LIKE A PARROT!
Imagine you are out on a field or tarmac and, suddenly, someone hits you in the face with a dodgeball and they say, "watch out kid. you had it coming." You would say, "oh my gosh. what a crayon-eating parrot! geez!"
by Alexia-Marie April 24, 2007
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Retail investors who invested in GameStop. They demanded a change from the SEC to ban PFOF(Payment for order flow) which was invented by Bernie Madoff and used by Citadel and company to manipulate markets.
Smooth brained crayon eating apes are making DD's on r/Superstonk.
by fellowApe June 11, 2022
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Something my mom calls me on the daily; A dumbass; A retard
God dammit, you're such a crayon eating glue sniffing helmet wearing window licker
by Weird Uncle Al December 18, 2019
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