A nickname for the Sydney Roosters; one of the teams in the NRL competition.

This term was widely used before the 90's.

Best. NRL. Team. Ever.
by that_would_be_me September 16, 2006
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When instead of going to work you call in sick, smoke a lot of marijuana and spend the day gorging yourself on Doritos and other assortments of junk food. Then when asked for a medical certificate from your employer you present them with one that is poorley authenticated.
I had planned to go to work today but my morning went east
by donkeypunchdude June 16, 2012
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V. to murk or do sumething amazingly awsome. EASTED it, EASTING it
Flaco: ayy mike u wanna play black ops?
Mike: iight ill play
Zak & Asiel: damn flaco, dat boy mike is gunna EAST dat shit
by arab mike March 16, 2011
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Extreme AppleSauce Toss

EAST is simply a variation of table hockey played with an applesauce cup. {can also be played with a fruit cup but then it would be EFCT, not as cool} Members of opposite teams sit next to each other {eg. 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2} around a round table. One hand, and one hand only, is used to pass/knock/move the applesauce cup back and forth amongst players. Goal: to keep the applesauce cup on the table. Points are earned when a player from one team is able to get the applesauce cup past a member of the opposite team, causing the cup to fall either in the person's lap or on the floor.
*lunch table is bored*
Guy 1: Hey Guys, wanna EAST?
All of Table: Sure!
*circles up*
*begins to play*
*Guy 1 knocks applesauce cup past team two member*
Guy 1: Score!!!
by boogersnot. January 15, 2009
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The act of eating and feasting at the same time, only done by the talented, and experienced.
dude #1: lets make like some vikings on thanksgiving and east!
dude #2: fersure dude im up for some easting.
by RoadtoZion August 11, 2009
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To describe something that is good.
Tom : Did you see Ovechkins goal last night?

Mike : Yeah, it was pretty east.
by the in and out show August 06, 2011
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