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A town full of Downers, this town has the reputation of BBK in the youthfull side of it.
The rest of the town consists of retards or downers which make up 99% of the UK's retard society.

Many of which walk around shouting obscenities for no apparent reason, whist soiling their undergarments and thus throwing these at the local underprivelidged orphanage.
"Eastleigh is a shithole"
"We're from Eastleigh, do you fink we're a bunch of Shithouses?"
"I was watching DownerTV and it mentioned Eastleigh quite some bit"
by Dave Ross November 29, 2007
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A town just out of southamton. most people in this town are chavs who most of witch are part of the EBK ( eastleigh boys krew ) eastleigh is allso the town where the spit fire was designed.
i live in eastleigh there fore i am a chav
by Gadget92 January 18, 2011
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