"Eastland Grocery" A store located in Cabramatta, Australia, in which there is a dense asian population. The Vietnamese name of the store sounds extremely alike to the word "dumb cunt". Instead of using the outdated word "dumb cunt" you would refer to someone as working at Eastland Groceries.
Johnny: After 3000rpm the VTEC just flicks LA.
Normal Person: This guy must work at Eastland Groceries.
Johnny: Hey, can you buy me some food?
by dohc vtec January 27, 2006
Swedish last name that was changed from "Emmanuelson" during emigration to America
Person 1: Hey are your new neighbors swedish?

Person 2: Yeah they're the Eastlands
by Doublee7300 March 1, 2009
A once nice mall in East Charlotte, now a GHETTO-fab armpit...The only nice part of the mall now that all the big stores except Belk and Sears have left or been turned into dicount dumps is an ice rink - Which is also the only place in the mall where you will find any white people anymore...Thats if you don't count the cops patrolling the area.
I went to Eastland Mall this Christmas for some shopping, some 5'6" 120lb punk with size 59 pants and a do-rag stabbed me in my lung with an ice-pick and stole my Carolina Panthers Ball Cap
by Mr Ruduck July 29, 2006
A small town in Texas. Located in what's known as the big country. A place where everyone knows your business. 3/4 of the population has been to prison or safp for buying drugs, selling drugs, or failing a u.a. on probation. The best job you can hope to find here is at EBAA or Allsups on main street. Most of the people in the town are related in one way or another. It's a black hole. Most people who try to leave this town get sucked back in. Most of the residents were born and raised here. Outsiders are not easily accepted here. There is a saying here that you drive through this location you leave on probation.
by Christi2469 June 3, 2018
A mall in Harper Woods, MI(suburb NE of Detroit). Opened in the 1950's as a mid to higher end outdoor shopping mall. It was remodelled and turned into an indoor center. The mall currently serves a large African American consumee base which focuses more on clothes, shoes, and fast food outlets. The Mall is on the corner infamous 8 Mile Road and Kelly Road. It has one of the largest theft rates in metro Detroit due to the lower-income clientele. The residents of the ultra-welathy Grosse Pointes (nearby) do not shop there anymore.

Yo, we gettin somme shoes and nachos at Eastland Mall later on.
by dermy May 30, 2007
The mall that died with honor, by not changing, reiventing itself, or keeping up with the rest no matter who threatened it with closure. It died as Eastland, no matter what negative attention came its way late in its life. It was the grand mall for the working people and not just the wealthy.
Eastland Mall is missed, a lot of people wouldn't think a mall would be missed.
by The Original Agahnim May 26, 2021
The mall that hasn't had a successful redevelopment because in reality nothing would replace it. It should have been left alone instead of demolished, but unless they build another Eastland, people know that something will always be missing, and that they fucked up by taking it from them. It's like a neighborhood that no longer exists, it's gone forever now.
Eastland Mall will always be missed.
by The Original Agahnim May 26, 2021