Eavesdropping on a conversation that you have no business hearing.
Bob totally earjacked my conversation with Susie and now everyone knows I got a boob job.
by chaniqua June 28, 2005
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Making your friends listen to horrible music against their will.
I hate riding in the van with her, I'm always earjacked!
by Amanda_W July 9, 2005
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Talking someone's ear off. Rambling on while not getting to the point (jaw-jabbin). Trying to engage someone in a long-winded conversation who is obviously trying to get to the point and get on with thier day. Also known as being held as a "conversation hostage".
"I went to ask Renee a quick question and she earjacked me for 30 min. She's always earjacking people!"
by BlickFrick December 22, 2005
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Malign monopoly of a hapless individual's attention, through the aural canals. This nasty temporary possession might involve tricks with volume, tantalizing & purposeless gossip, half-garbled but compelling rumors, +/or claims of interpersonal priority (such as a martyred aunt or disabled neighbor), but the aim is to own you & ride you, pure & simple.
"So I sez to him, I SEZ WHY did you pass the salt to her FIRST, AREN'T I as IMPORTANT as she is? Then HE SEZ..."
"...and then the boss leaned over to him and promised- but you hate gossip, I know...Gotta keep yr ear to the ground, or you'll get stampeded..."
"So kin ya take me tasafta noon, huh? Kin ya take me tamorrah? Kin I have a quarter? How 'bout fi'bucks? Kin ya hold me up for the bubblah? Hey, d'ja hear me?"
"Nobody believes me- but I saw this coming! No one listens but I told you, dindin't I? I knew it, I knew this wld happen! Remember when I told you..."
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The act of stealing expensive earrings off of a person usually achieved quickest by slicing the entire ear off and driving down the sidewalk in a motorcycle to get away.
"Damnnn! That bitch just got earjacked, I bet if those weren't Harry Winston she could still hear."
by Riff1771 February 17, 2008
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