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An intensely sophisticated type who thrives on knowledge. Favorites usually include chicken anything, good books, dancing and the color green. Eann's can often be found studying Google, and are nicknamed "Mr. Google"
"Does anyone know where Eann is? I have a question."
by mama1772 December 20, 2016
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Eann is a very smart and quirky person. Thirsty not only for knowledge but also for adventure. Eann's can be really brave and bold at times. Eann's are also very creative and intelligent people, however they tend to boast off sometimes. They may look hardheaded outside but they are actually softies inside. Favourites are dancing, anything edible and also the colour black. They also tend to be very argumentative and unreasonable but they always have their ways with words unlike others. Eann's are very unique and one of a kind.
#1: I am so irritated by her!
#2: What can you do? She's an Eann.
by harrywilton April 22, 2018
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A nickname for a slutty mother who gives birth to an idiot. they typically don't know who the boy's father is.
Jack's mother is an E Ann
by ErrDak November 25, 2018
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