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A girl who is crazy way beyond comprehension. Very funny too, always a joy to be around. She may look down upon herself but usually finds a way to boost herself up. Very pretty usually stunning the boys around her. Although she jokes around she has a serious and deep side that blossoms at night. The greatest gal i eva met!!!!!
"Leanna is such a troll"
by Miguelly Jelly May 21, 2014
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Extremely attractive girl who can give a guy a hard-on in about 30 seconds, has a nice backside. Can usually be found at parties or just chillinโ€˜.
by jkhsjfhsjdkhfjkdshfdf January 08, 2008
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A person who is loyal, hot as fuck, funny can be shy but is down to talk to anybody
by Leeaaa September 20, 2017
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Leanna is the Irish Gaelic from of Helen, meaning light, beautiful girl.
Amazingly, gorgeous. She is amazing in every way. Intelligent.
She has a line of guys following her every move.
Nice girl that knows everyone.
She's so perfect, she's so leanna
by Donny911 January 12, 2014
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a woman/girl who represents all that could be wonderful in life, the epitome of a brilliant and beautiful woman/girl.

one who smiles and brightens the darkest depths of the earth.

one who is misunderstood and at the same time easy to read.
That girl is perfect, she's so amazing, she's so Leanna.
by Fanmace June 27, 2010
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lennna is an amazing beautiful girl any boy would wanna date she has a sexy body and is an amazing girl
if u have a leanna make sure she is yours only yours!
by aliooooo November 07, 2018
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