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a woman who is one of many on a mans msn list. likely not met in real life and just talk on the net.

a man will likely have many many e-bitches on the go when he is single.

an e-bitch is also affectionately known as an e-whore whereas a man may be an e-man or e-slag. however, the term bitch is interchangeable for man/woman.

e-bitches are transient and once the lonely male finds a woman who will date a white skinned wide eyed IT support guy then the e-bitches will be dumped like hot potatos.

if your really lucky your real life girlie will also have a net connection and can resume both the role of e-bitch and real life bed buddy! how could anything be more perfect?

what could be more romantic than using msn to talk to your partner over your wireless network at home. sigh. heaven.

hahahhaha hilarious.
you dude. she one of yo e-bitches?????

come on dude, stop flirting with your e-bitches and lets go have a beer!
by bbcks June 22, 2005
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To electronically bitch about stuff or to describe one who is a bitch over electronic mediums.
With all these rude facebook statuses, those Krappa Upsilon girls are getting themselves a large amount of e-bitch notoriety.
by McLovin Magee September 11, 2007
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An eBitch is anyone on the internet that acts like a tard, i.e.: capitolizing every word, typing like a thug, posting a picture they took of themselves trying to look tough, flaming or spamming, or generally acting like an idiot on the internet.

You can find out what exactly an eBitch is here:
U Wud B an eBitch Yf U Tipe Lyk Dis.
by eHunter August 19, 2008
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