When someone asks you for a Dwp they're asking if you'd rather date, wheel or pass them.
Mike: DWP me Bahd!
Hunter: Pass I ain't gay
by Jac Goff September 10, 2016
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adj; dwp (Drunk With Power)
the state of being intoxicated with power
a syndrome contracted when power and freedom become overwhelming
not dwp
by jnnifr February 19, 2009
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dude went to this kegger last night and the dwp's were out in full force!
by dubzs October 25, 2009
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"Yo Chesto! We's going to watch some football - you DWP?"
"Yeah, I'm DWP! What time?"
by ARod2000 August 09, 2006
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wyd ?
- “ walking around in the mall

‘oh dwp’
by mr dictionary, February 18, 2020
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Acronym of “Drunk While Posting”.

A post on a BBS or other such forum that contains many typos, grammar errors, or otherwise embarrassing material.
USER: b33r phr33q
AT: 02:24 AM

Hay man; the fucikiogn keys keep movin away frrrom mi fingyers. s0rry If this if Off topikc......

Greg: "Shit, Boris is DWP again..."
by Rize December 15, 2003
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