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someone or something that tries too hard to look good, be "cool", or get attention and ends up looking bad

bright yellow car - that's a dwig
girl with too much makeup - she's a dwig
by Joe & Crystal January 02, 2008
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the greatest and most influential rapper of all time. born in south central LA in 1991. his rap career set off when he was spotted by suge knight freestyling on crenshaw boulevard. he signed to death row records at the age of 12, and appeared on classic west coast albums througout the 90's, including Tupac's Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. and Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle. He even started his own group, the tritown hustlaz. they went double platinum with their first record, The Salvizzle Show. After making millions off his lucrative rap career, he started his own record label, Hustlaz Records. Joining him was fellow MC D Swizz. They started the careers of countless rappers like Big L, Ice Cube, Rakim, Krs-1, Chuck D, and Grandmaster Flash. D wig retired and moved to topsfield , MA in 1999. He continued to sell drugs and produce tracks until a drive by shooting ended his short career.
no ones fuckin with d wig lyrics

yea u hear that new single on Hot 97?

Packin D's on the Block

thats my shit

by Mario R June 30, 2006
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