Person 2: Seems that he lost his dwayne "the rock" johnsons!
by damnilostmyballs September 24, 2021
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Approximately 3-5 feet once he has a boner
Julie loved Dwayne the rock Johnson’s boner size, one she hung up a picture of it in here room
by masonthemissile November 12, 2022
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He made his name in the field of "professional wrestling," in which he was (and continues to be) one of the "sport"'s most recognizable figures. After building a reputation in the ring, he made his first silver screen appearance in "The Scorpion King" in 2002.

Since his breakout role in TSK, Johnson has appeared in over thirty titles, and has rapidly become one of the most widely known actors in Hollywood. Not all of his movies have been particularly great, and some of them have been outright horrible; however, this is not entirely Johnson's fault. He is a decent actor who oftentimes gets placed into either god-awful roles in movies with extremely horrible execution, or he gets placed into a role as the generic tough guy with absolutely no room for character development throughout the film. Were he given a decent role that was well written and well executed, I firmly believe that Johnson could become one of the greatest actors of this generation. Perhaps one of his most well-known roles is that of Luke Hobbes in the Fast and the Furious series. This is a perfect example of a situation where the director took Johnson, shoved him into the role of "generic tough badass cop" and said "good enough."

Outside of his professional career, Johnson is known for one thing: being the manliest man since man was first created. He is the epitome of masculinity and a shining example of what a person can do with their life and body if they have the proper motivation and dedication.
A note: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is often colloquially referred to as simply "Dwayne Johnson," or "The Rock."

P1: Hey, did you see that new movie? The one with The Rock in it?
P2: Nah, I haven't gotten a chance. Is it any good?
P1: Yeah. The director sort of screwed Dwayne into another generic, superficial role, though.

P1: Dude, why do you have a picture of Dwayne Johnson in your locker?
P2: Because I hope to someday achieve a body like his.
P1: You can't even commit to a relationship with the girl you've been casually dating for three years. I doubt you have the commitment to achieve this.
by The Motherfucking Doctor March 28, 2014
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About 8-11 feet long, and it takes about 2 mins for him to cum, and he cums with about 1/2 quart and 38 miles per hour
I watched a video of Dwayne the rock Johnson’s boner during sex
by periodwithtrans January 26, 2023
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The sexual act of knocking your gf/bf out with a wrestling move then filling his/her anus with rocks
Thought the new fast and furious movie was so good I decided to do The Dwayne "Rock" Johnson to my gf
by Capt moist February 7, 2017
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When Dwayne "the rock" Johnson is wrestling sometimes stuff happens. We wont talk about his speedo going from black to white
Whoa did you see Dwayne rock hard johnson last night?
by Vector X3 November 7, 2020
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