(or Dusi) Adjective. Refers to a very difficult time, event. Could have originated from a difficult canoe marathon called Dusi.
That meeting tomorrow will be a Dusi/Duzi!
Breakfast with my in-laws will be a Duzi/Dusi!
by otterscatsanddogs November 30, 2017
really means what she says or writes. at that moment.
"hey, Duzy, before you agreed to go out with me you wrote that you hated my guts. how is that possible?"
"Hal, i am an amassment of contradictions because my day to day is a drive through moods. In my deep current flows only love, free and everlasting. I just don't go from door to door proclaiming it. Now kiss me, please!"
by Bad Translator May 5, 2020
1. a term for diarrhea. widely used by foreigners in China. From the Chinese la duzi, "pulled stomach". Commonly acquired after ingestion of unsanitary street foods such as chuar.
2. an intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations.
Sarah: Are you coming into work?
Kirsten: I'm going to be a little late. I got the la duzi.

Vince: What's taking so long in there?
Sheila: Oh my god, fuck you. Leave me alone. I got fucking la duzi. Why did you make me eat at that chuar stand last night
by Mortimer von Duzi July 31, 2013