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Dust Off or Canned Air is sold in office supply stores. Its intended use is to clean dust out of keyboards. But it does a much better job of clearing out your mind if you place the nozzle in your mouth and inhale the toxic air. Hold the fumes in and exhale as the world starts to go Wah Wah Wah. Make sure to hold the can right side up so you don't freeze your tongue off. This is the devil's drug never do it. It is highly addictive and highly brain damaging.
My friend was doing dust off in his kitchen when he passed out, fell onto his dishwasher and broke it.
by Old g December 06, 2004
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To be extracted from a location by helicopter. Often used when talking about a rapid extraction from a hostile or active combat situation.
"Get Super-Six actual on and advise we need a dust off ASAP!"
by DMFW August 21, 2006
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an medivac pilot that will go into a hot lz to rescue his comrades
dustoff is an idiot.
by hellsmouth October 15, 2003
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an areosol can used to clean dust out of keyboards( yea fucking right!) THAT SHIT IS FUCKING AWSOME! IT FUCKS U UP FAST! but its hard to conseal wen u aint got no big ass fuckin bag!
*straight edge #1* wtf r u guys doin?
*huffer#1* gettin fucked up off of dust off biotch!
*huffer#2* *deep ass fuckin voice* oh shit man! dude is that ur mom?
*strt edg#2* can i try?
*both huffers* fuck yea! knock ur self silly!
*strat edge#1* ill give it a try.
*both strate edges* *inhaleing big fuckin hits* OH SHIT OH FUCK GOD DAMNIT MAN THIS SHIT IS DOPE!
by huffer#! November 16, 2007
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an insane phreaker often refered to as "the net pimp". known for devastating tactics and relentless pursuit.
your just like dustoff.
by RBCP December 16, 2003
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similar to whip its but instead you use the spray thats meant to "dust off" keyboards. all it really is is pressurized CO2 that you breathe in to get a high. makes you laugh a lot. take too much though and you pass out.
Frank and I were hysterical after we did some dust offs.
by Greg123 May 29, 2008
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