People who born as a Swiss and learning Chinese for an unknown reason after studied German, English, Spanish and French. Might have an evil intention such as conquer the entire planet since he could use multiple languages.

Usually considered that his Chinese had reached to "hao-shuang" level. However, might be already freak out by the coming Chinese test on Monday.

The reason he go to the lib is faster internet access.

He will go urban dictionary to look up his name.
A: dude, what are you doing? aren't you supposed to study Chinese now?
B: yea... but I need to soulseek before I start it. Besides, my Chinese hao-shuang, I not worry at all!
A: Gosh... you are so dury...
B: um... well, I am Dury.
A: good luck!
by AwesomeAloha April 11, 2010
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Array of colored sparkles in a solid reflective color, has depth. Reflective rainbow flecks scattered amongst or over one main color, creating a color changing effect, a 3D effect, as if it goes on for ever.
My car has a custom dury gray paint job, yet it looks almost purple under certain lights.
by melbrooks June 08, 2010
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Duri is a person that is very very hot and likes to have sex with people called Electro, Very horny people commonly.
Cnek: ayoyo, yo Shebeel bro, why do duri and electro bang so much? what tf bro?
Shebeel: idk bro but its kinda hot
by vboisstupid December 22, 2020
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Absolutely useless in every conceivable way; a complete idiot who is full of pretentious rhetoric. Usually someone in power
My boss is a durie - the man is useless
by spabath January 10, 2008
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An ancient eastern god of sex, Fong-sui Dury, according to ancient lores, has a 13 inch penis and can have sexual intercourse for five years before getting tired. Recently discovered scrolls show that that almost all of his wives died through multiple orgasms overheating their brains.
susan : that guy looks like a dury

ursula : he is, he lasted all night

susan : you did a dury?!

ursula : yeah but now my head hurts
by Tom olliff August 13, 2008
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Durie is referred to a boy not a man that can not talk to a women.
Hey look Durie is trying to talk to that girl. Why is he talking about other peoples adventures and not himself? I now see why she has her back turned to him.
by marky_estabon January 06, 2009
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