A term used when a person has been asked a question and doesn't know the answer. Equal to "I don't know", or alternatively "I don't have anything to say, so shut the hell up".

Often overused by people whose minds do not have the mental capacity, or cannot be expected, to think of something for themselves.

NOTE: Never say "dunno" when you have been kidnapped by a bunch of bearded and smoking thugs. You can promptly expect a hard kick in the balls.
Crowd: Matt stole the cookie from the cookie jar!
Matt: Who me?
Crowd: Yes you!
Matt: Couldn't be!
Crowd: Then who?
Matt: I dunno.
by Cookie Expert August 29, 2010
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Short for 'Don't know' also an acronym for 'Do U Need No Opinion'.
A common reply when the asked person feels that there will only be disagreement or required effort if they give an answer.
Do you think this is the best way to get there ?
by Garratt June 23, 2007
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a word that means you dont know, lost or arent bothered enought to tell you the reason why, who, where or when.
becuase you either dont want to tell or they wont mind their own business
who do you like:i dunno

whats you doing here:dunno broo
by jo-eeeey May 21, 2008
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short for 'I don't know' and another way saying 'no'
guy: what are you doing tonight?
girl: dunno

guy: do you want to meet up?
girl: dunno
by metalmilitia May 29, 2009
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(Slang) don't know
You can use it as the same pronunciation such as these sentences:
I don't wanna (pronounced/ I du wanna)
I don't feel (pronounced/ I du feel)
I don't think (pronounced/ I du think)
Notice: (I don't/ don't ) - pronounced- (IPA:I du/ du) as a fast American accent
In some other languages the soft "D" sound pronounced like the "R" sound
So (I don't) pronounced (IPA: I rʊ )
And (don't) pronounced like (IPA: rʊ )
by Kage Maro 2008 April 26, 2015
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the real way to say i dont no so leave me the fu*k alone beotch
how much money do you make a year? i dunno
by unnamedredneck May 02, 2004
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