A slur in British culture according to TommyInnIt
You dunder
by starry_kat December 1, 2020
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An alias for double underscore, "__". Specially useful in the Python computer language, in which names like "__init__" are common. Coined as a speech shorthand.
Eric: So the problem is initdata? (the method initdata() )
John: Nope, dunder init dunder is where things start to go wrong... (__init__)
by ajaksu May 23, 2006
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The dregs from a rum barrel.
"I got sloshed from drinking the dunder." Hince the phrase, "He's a dunderhead."
by Mark Dunder August 5, 2003
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Another word for drunk, or just really intoxicated.
Damn, i'm gonna be so dunder after this beer bong.
by Chase August 3, 2003
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Dunder is a short name for the office
Hey are you trying to watch dunder later?
by Rash1d10 April 16, 2022
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Dunder is a combination of the words dirty underwear.
"make sure to wash your dunders" "Dunderwear, clothes for the working man" "Dunderwear soft enoughf for a mans buttox, toughf enough to handle the swamp ass of a working man"
by Heyballookey2 October 23, 2008
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A person who is utterly useless and incoherent. The IQ of this person almost always matches, or is close to, that of an average person's shoe size.
Dunder was unable to click the cube because his bandage was in the way.
by DDunder June 28, 2007
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