Southeast part of Baltimore County. Not exactly held in high esteem. Known for the poop factory & bad high school.
"I lived in Dundalk my whole life, but my teachers & fam refused to let me attend DHS. I went to a magnet school instead."

Newbie: "Eww what's that smell?"
Resident:"Welcome to Dundalk,hon!
by dundalkian July 20, 2005
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I grew up in Dundalk and it is so sad to see what it has become. I moved away at the age of 23 and am 26 now, I moved because I wanted to have kids but would not dare have kids in such an environment.

Guys walking around with pants falling off there behind, girls with 3-5 kids by several different men and yet still sleeping around. Drugs is a serious problem in the area.

When I was a kid I could walk to stores alone and not have to worry but by the time I was 16 I was actually terrified to walk to a store alone, I would have a gang of freaking homeboys come up hitting on me and I would start to get freaked out that maybe they were going to attack me..

Lets not forget the mixing of races , white girls sleeping with black guys and having kids with them and mexicans all over the place..

The big problem is that Baltimore city housed all the trash but now they have started to fix it up and sell houses for $300,000 and up so all of the trash are flooding out to essex and dundalk..
by darkcherryrose March 13, 2010
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Dundlak A.K.A the Derrty D, is home to some of the most ghetto and trashy students on the east side of baltimore.
Even though most people talk shit bout dundalk,u prolly dont wanna see us cuz we roll maddd deep, n truth is, we prolly fucked ur girl and ur mom.
Patapsco fag: Hey dude i heard u messed around with my girl Sally.
Dundalk kid: yea... i fucked her, u wanna step?!?
Patapsco fag: id rather not
by J - Dizzle April 19, 2005
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A horrible place; the bog of eternal stench.
thug 1> Dundalk fucking smells. Its like the bog of eternal stench!!

thug 2> Dundalk is not the bog of eternal stench, that would be Essex, and Dundalk is Essex's evil step-cousin, land o' teased hair and stonewashed jeans, teasingly referred to as rancid cesspool of everlasting vomitous!
by Kylito and TFG October 9, 2007
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A school represented by idiots.
awesomerness man: I went to Dundalk, which is a HIGHSCHOOL
roby: I graduated from patapsco and attended "harverd" university, the obvious choice for an astute young homosexual like myself.
awesomerness man: I've never heard of "harverd".
roby: You wouldn't! But it's okay because I work at Donald Trump Industries! You crack smoking SQUARE!
by awesomerness man April 7, 2005
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When you live in Dundalk as a tween you usually chill with your white, wanna-be-black friends. Usually you go outside and roam with out telling your parents. You walk to the 7-11, taking a short cut through the apartments. Or you take your friends and ride your bike through some alleys. You usually ride bikes to one of the like 4 schools around the corner. . Or you can walk to the local WalMart. Which is conveniently located across for the flea market. Where you can go to buy fake coach purses, phone cases or jewelry. There are usually a lot of kids in your neighborhoods if you live in the townhouses off of North Point Rd. Thats probably because there are no private schools and the kids have to walk to school because the parents don't care enough to get a job or even a car. . Usually there would be a drunk guy riding his bike or walking around my street. Usually just wiggers or black guys. The kids: lil white boys who think they are cool and lil white girls.. They wear lots of make-up and very slutty clothes. You know when you enter Dundalk from North Point or Rosedale because you can smell it. We have the waste plant. Also referred to as the Shit Plant, the Poop Factory, or The Golden Pineapples. Basically if you don't live there you think it is immensely ghetto, but if you do live there, you love it so much.
Girl from Perry Hall: Hey so my mom and I had to drive through Dundalk, it was so gross, i was afraid to be there. Dont ever go there.

Me: Hey, I lived there for 13 years back off!!

Guy: I love Dundalk so much, im glad i live there
Guy 2: Ew dude why, its so gross
by Dundalkchild14 November 16, 2010
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small part of baltimore county usually looked down upon by anyone who has never lived or worked in or around the town. while dundalk is not the most appealing place in the whole world due to the lack of couth and generally terrible odor that always lingers, its not nearly as horrible as most make it out to be. there is definitely a great deal of white trash, wiggers, drugs, and teenage moms but those people make up the minority. dundalk is home to hard working blue collared citizens who just like anywhere else work for a living and spend their lives trying to raise their families to be successful productive citizens. its easy to look from the outside in and pass a negative judgement but in most cases the people who shun the town of dundalk and the people who live here are the same people who fit the stereo type of being from dundalk.
dundalk smells like trash so everyone from dundalk is trash
by bmoreyou March 6, 2011
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