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when one person literally ends a relationship either through msn, person, phone conversation or even textmessging however dumping does not involve telling someone else to tell another that their relationship is over
jack and jill are in a relationship, jack tells jill "its over" via sms, phone conversation etc however if timmy tells jill "hey jack said its over" it does not count as a dumping
by ekka July 12, 2006

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people who constantly miss opportunities to score. these opportunities continue to accumulate until it becomes of concern and realise "theres only so many ways i can make love with my hand" as blink 182 stated
a forever virgins being attracted to and wanting to score wif a hot artist at a bus station to the point mr happy bcomes very excited however another opportunity goes missing as this forever virgin "isnt in the mood" and denies mr happy the opportunity of tru happiness :( opportunities missed : 4
by ekka July 07, 2006

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