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when a person who is usually not smart or makes dumb decisions happens to do something that everyone assumes is stupid, somehow pays off or is very successful at the end

rev. smartdumb
yo J just found a bag of $5000 cash. He bout to take it to the police station.

3 days later.....

yo J returned the money and the owner let him keep it and gave him an extra $5000.

by icemasta11 August 04, 2009
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Someone who thinks they know a lot, and tries to talk like they're smart, but when engaging in debates, they never prove their point.
Fundo thought he was engaging in intellectual conversation with the smartest lady in the world, until he found out she was only dumb smart.
by authOOr June 26, 2006
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1.) the act of smartly being dumb
2.) finding loopholes
3.) being a man
a female on facebook posts a status "boys are stoopid" a male friend quickly counters with a dim-witted comment "Well good thing I'm a man and not a boy."

this is an example of being Dumb Smart.
by CtrlAltDown November 13, 2010
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Dumb enough to start it, and smart enough to finish it...
Dumbsmart Work projects, traveling, relationships, writing polka songs, and whatnot, all are applicable, and shit. (Dangling participle, and shit. (CharlieHussel))
by Patanjali August 30, 2017
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Is when you find your self in a situation where you want to say something but you not sure if you're Ricky
The captain felt dumbsmart at the

by rafael e Reyes January 22, 2019
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Is exactly what is said literally
Some one does something dumb which is smart
Ricky did something so dumbsmart
It reflects alot.
by rafael e Reyes January 28, 2019
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