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when a person who is usually not smart or makes dumb decisions happens to do something that everyone assumes is stupid, somehow pays off or is very successful at the end

rev. smartdumb
yo J just found a bag of $5000 cash. He bout to take it to the police station.

3 days later.....

yo J returned the money and the owner let him keep it and gave him an extra $5000.

by icemasta11 August 04, 2009

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when an individual does something that can be good (benefit to everyone or themself), but ends up in a bad situation facing the consequences

rev. dumbsmart
a 22 year old guy knowing that the girl he likes is 16 (has the information he needs) but still gets with her anyway


yo u see J talkn to stacy, yeah he 22 and she sixteen, i hope he see that she too young

...two weeks later, Yo u about J, yeah he saw him, he a registered sex offender now
by icemasta11 August 03, 2009

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