dumb: adj. box: noun

1. a female who displays, along with an unseasonal tan, a variety of negative attributes including chronic irritation, rudeness, cantankerousness, coldness (although the term frosty box may be more applicable in this case), unsatisfation, sense of entitlement, loudness, spitefulness, bosiness or stiffiness. May be irrationally emotional, does not respond to (sexual) rejection well.
Most often obsessed with pop culture, mainstream media and personal and public appearance. Usually promiscuous or "loose". Dances badly to electronica, often requiring unnecessary physical (often sexual) contact while dancing.
May or may not appreciate the "Cathy" comic. Almost always seen talking on her cellphone while dragging her boyfriend behind her.

2.A female usually seen wearing plush or cotton sweat pants with phrases such as "SEXY" or "JUICY" imprinted on the intentionally pronounced buttox.

3.That chick in the taco bell line, that feels that complains loudly about the fat content in the seven layer burrito.

4. The girl talking loudly on her cell phone while shoving a small chihuahua into her prada bag.

5.an overbearing or opinionated woman.
The dumb box in line at Taco Bell loudly complained to the manager about the carb content of her seven layer burrito.

While applying her make up, breastfeeding her dog, and singing along loudly to the new J. Lo albulm, a fucking dumb box cut me off in her brand new Jeep. The license plate said SPOILDSLT
by Jakewashere August 22, 2006
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stupid bitch that doesn't know what she is talking about.
Jake's mother was being a dumb box.
I couldn't agree more Frank.
by Brett Murphy November 19, 2006
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