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An interjection used by people in New Hampshire. Sometimes the "dude" has other words between it before the "guy". Sometimes the "guy" directly follows the "dude." Sometimes the order is reversed. Occasionally heard spoken by massholes.
Dude guy... 59 bud lites guy... flyin out the T-Tops guy... 150 miles per hour dude.
by jimbolaya August 14, 2010
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This is the kid who always looks like hes going to the beach. Sandles, sunglasses, sunvisor, shorts, t shirt or open button down. Wears only abercrombie, armani, structure, american eagle, old navy, etc. spikes his hair and dyes the tips of the spikes blond, wears jewelry, typically in a fraternity, has a cell phone and a tribal tattoo around his arm. This guy is the epitome of MTVs spring break. usually an asshole to girls, but gets a lot of the dumb hot ones. rich. listens to rap, and bands like creed or any of those generic rock bands.
by joe February 15, 2003
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1. (Interj.) A filler word, used to start sentances in place of words like "hey," or to add emphasis.

2. (Pron.)A way to address a group of people.

Note the distinct difference from Dude Guys I Don't Know (DGIDK)
Dude guys, where's my phone?

Dude guys, I'm ripshit pissed!

Hey dude guys, where you at?
by An Original Dude Guy April 02, 2009
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(n) A term used when you can't remember (or don't know) someone's name.
Uh, I gave it to dude guy over there.
by Mercury January 17, 2004
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dudeguys are those kids that you see around with spiked black hair, popped collars (double usually), fake tans (yes they go tanning), always wearing hollister,abercrombie, designer shit, etc. They always go after dumbgirls (the female equivalent of dudeguys). Dudeguy is a negative conotation and one should kill whoever calls the other a dudeguy, this is the ultimate swear word. There is a new game that is hot in the streets nowadays called "find the dudguy" what you do is apparent in the name. People need to stop worrying about the whales and start to worry more about the dudeguys and what THERE future is like.
dude, check out those dudeguys over there dude.
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A hick; a redneck, especially a redneck teenager. Talks endlessly about ATVs and various other automotives, guns, and weed; can be seen wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts, ragged baseball cpas with the visors bent inward, and occaisionally black, hooded sweatshirts.

Origin comes from their manner of speech: they're frequently caught using the words "dude" and "guy" in thier communication. For example; "Whoa guy, check out at muh f***in' foah-weelah, dude!" or "Yeah, dude, I just got a hemi! Don't touch it, guy!"

Usage of the term is popular around the Augusta, Maine area.
"The front of our high-school lobby is swamped every morning by a bunch of smelly dude-guys from Pittston."
by Joel Glidden March 29, 2004
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