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1) Town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Primary languages are Heynabonics, Hipster and some English

2) Home to most of the hipster/scene kid/prep population in Pennsylvania

3) Most underage AA members and drug addicts per capita possibly on the east coast

4) One of the few places in the United States where the marching band is better then the football team will ever be, even in the wildest dreams of the most drunken football player

5) Town that is in dire need of more whambulances due to the almost constant amount of kids crying on facebook about their lives.
Person 1: Hey man wanna go down to Pittston?
Person 2: No, Why would I? I don't need any more drugs, beer, hipsters, scene kids, preps, potheads, or whinny kids.
Person 1: Yea, same here. High five!
by coupletwotree October 03, 2011
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