after pulling out, i made a duck pond on the girl.
by Anonymous April 30, 2003
Duck Pond is the accumulation of liquids both male and female running down the shaft of the penis over the balls over the asshole that accumulate under a guys ass during sex with a girl on top (cowgirl).
Alyssa was riding me in my roomates bed last night and you should have seen the Duck Pond after we got off the bed. AKA - "the wet spot"
by SaAnything July 17, 2009
When someone is telling a story, or really when anything happens, and you zone out until the ending.
Someone: "So me and Jason went to Kansas city yesterday..."
Someone else: *not paying attention*
Someone: "...and I was like, no YOU'RE a paper towel!"
Someone else: sorry dude, i was just duck-ponding. I have no idea what you just said.
by RiHuxley August 1, 2012
Women have entered the room, and it is time to stop talking about tits/ass/snatch/rooting/drinking etc.
Two blokes are standing around talking about the rack on the next door neighbour, when both their wives walk in. One spies them out of the corner of his eye and says quietly, "Ducks on the pond." Instantly, the subject is changed.
by Berserker December 9, 2004
A phrase denoting an imminent or currently favorable situation for the speaker. Also is used to describe a situation in baseball play, where runners are situated on SECOND and third base respectively.

NOTE: I am the author of the prior definition, which had one glaring error that needed fixing (i.e. a runner at second in lieu of first).

I felt the need to remedy my error. That is all. Godspeed, and may ducks inhabit your ponds....wherever they may be.
Guy1:This party is full of husky girls ....Ducks on the Pond!

Guy2: Eff that man...this party is full of husky dudes..Ducks on the Pond!

2 outs, bottom of the fifth inning, with ducks on the pond.

(While acing a test) DUCKS ON THE POND!
by BORN2FISHMQ2 April 14, 2013