A beautiful term for an extremely Foul smelling fart. The term is made funnier if the fart sounds like quacking duck when expelled from the rectum. Though an SBD can still qualify as a Butt Duck if it is especially foul (emphasis on the word foul/fowl for comic effect). See frequently activated rectal tremble and shit flavored air.
"Fuck Mary, you shit a butt duck! I think you have cancer, something has crawled up your arse and died!"
by keifermail August 08, 2009
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A baby duckling that is lodged up the anus after sitting on it at a very young age.
by Scotgirl1027 December 19, 2010
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stinky farts that sound like ducks coming out your ass
alyssa has a butt duck.
by Corinne_creep December 08, 2008
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This is a shameful act that only happens in desperation when you are home alone and have completely run out of toilet paper. With your pants around your ankles, squat walking, and your hands spreading the butt cheeks so you don't smear shit everywhere, you walk this way to your roommates bathroom to finish the job.
Greg had to do the muddy butt duck walk to my bathroom to get more toilet paper.
by Sir Greggles March 30, 2017
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Dan and Phil. Two youtubers that that work together to make videos seen by the internet. A popular video is “Hello Internet” by Daniel Howell.
Did you see those duck butt log munchers new video?
by Gary35Martinel December 25, 2017
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