A phrase that, ever since Aerosmith's song "Walk This Way" was released in 1975, has become really popular. If you listen, you can hear this phrase in Def Leppard's songs "Don't Shoot Shotgun" and in the intro to "Pour Some Sugar On Me." This phrase can also be heard in Motley Crue's song "Slice Of Your Pie," which Aerosmith's Steven Tyler actually sang backround vocals for.
"And I knowed love was here to stay when she told me to 'walk this way'"

"Whoa, won't you walk this way..."

"Step inside, walk this way..."

"Good god, baby, baby blow my fuse when you walk this way"
by Aerosmith_fan October 12, 2009
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A person whom you meet as an acquaintance but seems very close within the short span, despite the fact you know you guys might head separate ways
I met lot of walk-a-way friends
by JoNaH_UrB April 19, 2011
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