the most popular drink in the tritown area of connecticut(deep river, chester, and essex). low quality, 13 dollar handles are the way to be, right? especially when they strongly resemble rubbing alcohol...
hey guys, let's go get drunk off of some rubbing alcohol.. i mean, DUBRA.
by pinkypinky indian June 3, 2007
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The drink of gentlemen and underage teens with superior class and taste.
Common Slogans Include: When you got nothing to do? Dubra. and It must. I will. It always does. Dubra.
Steve consumed so much dubra that he ended up urinating on his friend's laptop.
by Pat March 8, 2005
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A dirt cheap, yet surprisingly palatable vodka. I haven't found it outside of the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area. Thirteen dollar handles, but there's much worse vodka out there. A good vodka to turn to after a few drinks of something nicer.
We killed the bottle of dubra and made a gravitybong out of it.
by cowweh August 25, 2004
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The cheapest, most vile Vodka known to man. It is like rubbing alcohol. But worse. It does, however, get one drunk.
I can't believe you played Dubra pong last night. You must have been gone.
by Dan Grenier November 2, 2003
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Cheap vodka that is most commonly found in Connecticut. At an average of $13 a handle, it is very popular with college students. Known to be harsh, Dubra isn't recommended for alcohol consumers of good taste, but should instead be used by those who can't afford/are too cheap to buy anything better or either don't know or don't care about good booze.
What are you drinking? Wait, let me guess: dubra. You guys are cheap-asses.
by PAKH August 18, 2010
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Amazingly cheap and delicious vodka that inevitably makes you want to get it in ya. Comes in a plastic jug with convenient built-in handle, which is an essential aid when GIIY'ing. Sadly, not available in Canada.
"Dubra: GET IT IN YA!!" or, if you prefer: "Dubra: GIIY"
by GIIY January 8, 2012
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Wonderfully cheap vodka known for its remarkably low price(as low as 4.50) as well as its genuine awfulness. Dubra will get one drunker then one might imagine, and is also notable for its plastic bottles which are often converted into urinals necessitated by the frequent urination caused by the substance. Plainly put... Dubra turns a man into a racehorse in quantity of output, but causes pain fitting such a volume through a normal sized tube. Dubra has been known to make people see small evil naked britney spears gnomes
That shit was worse then Dubra

DUBRA! *vomits*
by QJQQ November 1, 2006
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