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Down To Snuggle. Its basically the same as DTF but sounds less sexual. Usually used as a opening to get a girl or boy in bed, so more than snuggling can happen.
by Senior Cuervo January 11, 2011
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Dark Templar, a unit in Star Craft, permanently invisible (unless detected with a spell or special unit) and deadly in hand to hand battles. Merges into Dark Archons.
Crap! He's sending DT's into my base! Somebody send in detection!
by Zhipov October 28, 2003
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Acronym of 'Delerium Tremens', hallusinations caused by alcohol withdrawal - often spiders or roaches
"Bob's got the DTs!"
by Hades January 3, 2003
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Down to snuggle
Dude, Paige was totally DTS last night.
by pppppaaaaaajjjjj September 11, 2010
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Abbreviation for "Down To Smoke"
Jeanette:Mariet, are you dts?
Mariet: of course!
by jeanetteeeeeee April 11, 2007
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