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1. An unknown number in a math equation.

2. A named region of memory in a computer program.
1. 3=5x solve for the variable x.

2. Don't use global variables; keeping track of all the subroutines modifying the same memory gets very confusing very fast.
by N0TR1DDL3 June 22, 2014
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Satan's Creation or A Piece of Gorilla Shit

Mostly Used in Algebra
Had to take a HUUUGE variable just now
by VerdeSauce November 13, 2020
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Someone who experiences extreme variations of his intelligence.
This guy is a real variable! You never know whether he's going to explain quantum physics or jump around like a monkey!
by Variable April 26, 2003
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Variables that windows uses (that you can use too) as shortcuts for files / directories (folders), typed in-between percentage symbols (%).
These are examples of windows variables (windows 7) :
%ALLUSERSPROFILE% -- C:\Program\Data
%APPDATA% -- C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming.
%USERNAME% -- Your user name that you are using.
%CMDCMDLINE% -- C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
%COMPUTERNAME% -- Computer name
Of course there are a LOT more, but they are too many to list in here.
by Not-underscore April 30, 2020
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according to the theory of "eternal return", where one is fixed to repeat their own life over and over again infinitely, the people who populate your lives each time are split into two categories:

constants are those that will ALWAYS be there with each cycle (family, parents, siblings, children, the individuals you had those children with)

variables are those that change with each cycle, that are not always present around you each time (friends, co-workers)
your life is full of constants and variables. the father of your child is a constant and the woman he cheated on you with is a variable.
by bottomboy tj December 30, 2019
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In science, the dependent variable is your result from your independent variable.
Jack is conducting a science experiment. He is growing a rose plant, a marigold plant, and a sunflower plant to see which can grow the tallest. He gives all three plants the same amount of sunlight and water. His dependent variable would be how tall each plant grows because it is the result of his experiment.
by MisFit1 October 20, 2015
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In science, it is the variable that you intentionally change.
In an experiment, Lyndsey has three sunflower plants. They are all given the same amount of sunlight; however, she gives one drop of water to one plant, two drops to another, and no water to the third. Lyndsey's independent variable is the amount of water.
by MisFit1 October 20, 2015
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