To lose an item, article, or other such belonging due in part or in whole to a state of heightened inebriation. Primarily used in the past tense, upon the discovered loss of said belonging.
Brian: "I can't find my handsome sweater-vest anywhere."
Josh: "Do you remember where you had it last?"
Brian: "Yeah, I wore it out to the bar last night. I must have drunkled it away."
by JPete6 November 26, 2009
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Drunkle; Raging, immature, psychopathic, Irrationally stubborn, drunken depraved, manically depressed, mentally ill, destructively reduced, obliviously confused 40-year old virgin drunk of an uncle, and more.

R.I.P. Cirrhosis
"Im gonna go handle the Drunkle real quick"
by Tussin Professor September 28, 2009
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When you feel like you've never eaten in your life, after drinking heavily.

the drunken munchies

oh man, I had the drunkles so bad last night. I ate an entire large pizza and five brownies.
by isntrainchild April 08, 2009
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As in to get your drunkles on. To drink heavily, and fast enough to get very drunk very fast.
I'm gonna get my drunkles on.
by ZC April 21, 2004
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Any male person that is your senior, be it family or friend, who has a hard time figuring out adult life processes, and spends most of the time on some sort of substance ie alcohol, cannabis.
I can't meet you up, i've got to give my drunkle a ride to the post office.
by jack saturday July 27, 2016
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When good friends get drunk together and aggressively cuddle with each other; hugging each other for moral support that turns into a groping of sorts; doesn't mean people have sex.
Steve: did you see katie?
Liam: yeah i did, man she looks like she drunkled.

John: oh rachael i feel so horrible. I cant believe Stef dumped me.
Rachael: i know that bitch. Want to drunkle? It will make you feel better.
by Midgetwithacause November 04, 2010
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I almost ran over Tommy passed out I. The driveway last night..he's my my Drunkle on my Daddy's side.
by Caroh November 15, 2017
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