to let a silent but really odiferous fart.
Don't go in that office, man- Clint just dropped ass.
by Hugh Jass February 7, 2003
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The simple act of releasing silent flatuence and waiting for a friend or stanger to unknowingly walk into it with utter disgust.
OOOOHHHWWW! Somebody just dropped ass right here. Gnarley I can taste it. Gross!
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007
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To produce a huge turd which releases a most pungent and undesirable odor and sometimes sound.
Don't go in the shitter dude - Giles just dropped ass like Hiroshima in there.
by French Vanilla May 20, 2004
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The act of squating and sitting on the dick. Can be used for both male and female partners
That girl I was with last night really knows how to drop that ass
by Cashflowmoney January 11, 2019
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To inflict physical harm on the person at which the phrase is directed immediately and effectively, causing them to fall to the ground in pain. Used more often in humor than as a serious threat.
John: I'm going to drink your last beer.
Bob: If you lay a finger on that beer I'll fucking drop your ass.
John: Alright. Fuck. Chill.
by queenworks December 13, 2008
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1. The most extreme twerk.
2. An out of body experience when you lose control of your ass and your ass loses control of you.

3. A dance done in a club or at a party on special occasions (Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, divorces, bachelorette parties, etc.) where a female is deeply inebriated and spots a male fit to mate, makes eye contact, and proceeds to twerk so hard her ass may actually fall off.
"Sheryle, all I want for my birthday is for you to drop yo ass for me just one time!"

"Girl, your husband just cheated on you with that ratchet thot...we're going to the club tonight so you can drop yo ass on some random nigga."
by PabloJefe April 30, 2016
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