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OFY! Is used for e-mail and verbaly
Dude I just won 600 bucks playing the nickel slot machines at the casino. "OFY dude, OFY!"
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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The simple act of releasing silent flatuence and waiting for a friend or stanger to unknowingly walk into it with utter disgust.
OOOOHHHWWW! Somebody just dropped ass right here. Gnarley I can taste it. Gross!
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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This is when you are taking a hot steamy shower and your roommate or significant other comes in a takes a big steamy dump.

Now the shit and fart molecules are now mixed in with the steam from the hot shower.
Sorry I have to give you an Aftermath Steam Bath babe but I just can’t wait. The next place we get will have 2 bathrooms or at least a bath and a half.
by Blake Dremmel February 11, 2008

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One who enjoys waiting around to smell a fresh fart that his friend cut. Then acts suprised that it stinks.
Owen is a total buttsniffer. He did not leave right away after Jon ripped one.
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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To excrete an enormous amount of flatuance into the office chair you are sitting on while working. Then let permiate into the fabric and cushion of the chair. When an unexpecting co-worker walks by your cubical you let them pass by and then call them.
When they turn around and walk towards where you are sitting, you slowly get up and gently push the chair over to them and marvel at the disgust on their face.
Do da do, Ahhhhh... "Hey Harry, check this out for a second" (office chair is pushed gently towards Harry as he is walking towards you) (Harry's reply) "NO Dude! Your not right man that fuckin disgusting!" HAHAHAHA that must be your first chair bomb.
by blake dremmel August 07, 2007

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A small powerful fart that tickles the skin between your testicals and anus and or vagina and anus.
Did you here that? That was a taint snapper!
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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One who constantly has their nose up the bosses ass. He or she will purposely try to make you look bad so that they look good.
Adam is over there ass munchin again.
by Blake Dremmel March 29, 2007

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