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When a passing motorist yells insults at a pedestrian as he drives past him.
Some jock just pulled a drive-by shouting at the punks on the corner.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
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When you roll down the window of a car and shout something at a person or people. Usually an insult.
I saw a group of punk-ass teenagers walking down the street and there was a guy making out with his girlfriend or some bullshit like that, and I rolled down the car window and did a drive-by shouting of "stop infecting this town!!"
by M@77 J@M35 June 21, 2011
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The instant in which a person passing you on the road yells insults or profanities for the duration of time you can hear them.
Suzie (The Drive-By Shouting Initiator): Your cock-sucking bitch ass can go to hell! i hate you! Ass hole!

Mike: :O
by RiotStarteR August 29, 2010
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