The formal version of shape-ups (the shoe with a convex sole that tones your legs while you're just going about your everyday life). Dress-ups come in brown, black, and cordovan and should be polished before attending the most important meetings and functions. Dress-ups can be worn with a suit and tie or just a pair of nice slacks. They allow the wearer to tone his or her legs even in the most formal settings.
John wanted to tone his legs at an important business meeting, so he decided wear his dress-ups.
by SacBri January 18, 2011
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Stupid shit people with no style say.
Him: "Why you always dressed up?"
Me: "I'm not it's called style. Try it sometime."
by He So Divo January 6, 2016
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to wear formal clothes, to dress very nicely
We should have definitely dress up to go to the theater
You don't have to dress up for Mike's party
by Scionable April 16, 2019
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To get real liquired up and crazy.
Kaleb got real dressed up last night so this moring he does not feel swell.
by wanaldo frenzon March 5, 2010
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A slang term or euphemism for "dating" originated from the Taiwanese dub of The Owl House, where Amity says "我們盛裝出遊吧!" which translates to "Let's dress up and travel together!"

The dub has been ridiculed and memed on so much that it has now become a meme in the Owl House fandom and is spreading to other cartoon fandoms.
Amity: "Let's dress up and travel together!"
Luz: "Noooo.... I was so ready."
Amity: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, you can say it."
Luz: "Amity Blight, let's dress up and travel together!"
Amity: "Yes!"
Luz: "Okay!"
by ChickyBro December 16, 2021
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Have you watched Dress Up Darling?
by 4cab February 21, 2022
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When some one has strange erges to dress up their friends and sometimes even strangers. Most likely a girl who wants to make her guy friends hotter so they can walk around with her and look cool. Often times talks about her friends saying "He has potential" and "If only he wore ________" In extream cases phrases like "If only I could knok him out and make him wear girl pants" can be heard.
Kayla: Dude... If I could just some how make Devon and Matt unconcious... I would soooooo dress them up
Sarah: We could die their hair and make them cool!
*girl squeels*
Random Pirate: You have major dress-up fetishes.... BITCH!!!!!!!!! muhahaha
by Kayla March 25, 2005
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