A combination of the words Drama and Comedy, a genre of movie and television show.
"Ed" is a dramedy
by mistergoku May 14, 2004
a 'compund' word coming from the words comedy and drama. it is usually a poorly grossing movie containing washed up comedians like eddie murphy.
That dramedy he did last year RUINED his career.
by KStepp May 14, 2004
A Film That Is A Mix Between A Drama And A Comedy, It Has Some Comedic Parts But Would Most Likely Fall Into The Drama Genre.
Sisquo: The Movie "Funny People" Was A HUGE letdown. I Thought It Was Gonna Be A Way Funnier Comedy!

E-Bert: That's Because, My Gay Little Friend, That Movie Was Actually A Dramedy, Not A Comedy.

Sissy: Well The Word Funny Was In The Title, That's Misleading!

E-Ernie: No Your Just A Tool Who Needs To Have The Ohio Sock Bop Done To You Nightly. Plus The Marshal Mathers Cameo Was Priceless
by Taint Licking 101 April 14, 2010
Something that the Showtime television network made up so that their shows could compete in the less competitive comedy categories at awards shows instead of the drama categories.

The term is SUPPOSED to mean an even mix of comedy and drama, but this rule generally fails and the show ends up becoming one or the other, usually drama. Because of this, a true "dramedy" has never existed.

"Sex and the City" and "Ally McBeal" are generally referred to as the first "dramedies" though both generally turned into dramas. The Showtime network is known for their "dramedies" (though they are all dramas) that star women (such as "Nurse Jackie" and "Weeds"). The world's biggest dramedy to date (and also the biggest failure of all dramedies) is Fox's "Glee," which claims it is funny because there is one joke per episode, yet the rest is a bad soap opera.

The dramedy is a very bad concept since it takes away the actual credibility of a truly comedic or dramatic show. Something needs to be done about it before crap like this takes over the airways and dooms traditional television.
Jim: Hey, wanna come over and watch Glee?
John: No.
Jim: Why?
John: Because it's a dramedy.
Jim: You're right, dramedies are stupid, useless, and bad for television. Any network that airs one should be boycotted.
by ihatedramedy June 16, 2011
Comedy-Drama, it is a style of television in which there is equal, or nearly equal balance of humor and dramaic content
by Holly Matronic May 30, 2007