Flying so low under the radar that your feet can actually touch the surface of the earth (or) maintaining a low-profile in spite of the chaos you leave in your wake
He may be a dangerous man to know but he keeps it down to the ground
by Donovan Alpha May 9, 2006
A word girls use while talking about how a bricks popularity status will go down hill to "Loner-ville".
Girl 1: Omg i HATE her!!! Shes such a Brick!
Girl 2: Tell me about it! And her little posse? Pff, please!
Girl 3: Couldn't agree more!!! Someday, there gonna Tumble Down to the Ground!!!
by ForgeousChic101 July 21, 2011
Something made up by whitey to make himself sound more "street"... even though nobody knows what the hell he's talking about
Person #1: Do you want to go to the park?
Person #2: I'm down like the ground for that.
by Eric December 3, 2004