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Ready and willing to participate in most any activity. If said by your homie it implies that he is ready to have a good time in any situation. If said by or about a ho it implies that she is a chickenhead.
Billy: I'm down for whatever.
Timmy: Church! I'll call up that bitch Sadie, she's down for whatever.
Billy: Well then Holla at me after you hit that shit.
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
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An absolutely incredible, laid-back rap song by Ice Cube. The subject matter ranges from smoking weed and drinking fifths of liquor with some hoes to Ike Turner offending people with a .44 caliber handgun in his drug-induced state. The history of these simple, yet poetic lyrics stem from Ice Cube's personal experience from life, as a Gangster Ass MothaFucka.
"Now pimpin' ain't easy but it's necessary, So I'm chasin' bitches like Tom chased Jerry
I'll put the pedal to the flo-uh... in my two-tone Ford Explo-uh, you know how it's done
Sounds bumpin', ain't that sumthin' ? Jumped on the 110
She's flyin' in the blazer, like Go Speed Racer.. but I ain't gonna chase her
like racer X, but I won't fleeeeex until it's time to have seeeeex
So when you wanna get togetha?' cause you know, a nigga like me is down for whatever

and I'm down for whatever"
by AJGGG July 16, 2013
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A savage band from Ireland with hits that include "What Was I Thinking?" and "All I Wants A Doner". Lead singer Pat Divilly said he was inspired to write the songs after a night spent with the infamous Nora Ward...
Hey man,who are that kickass band on the radio?
I think there called Down For Whatever,they're unbelievable...pity they didnt win Battle of the Bands last week,its all bureaucracy anyway.
by Hardybucks February 13, 2009
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A song by Ice Cube which is absolutely terrible and incompetent. The rhymes aren't good, the flow is weak, overall it's a gimmicky song.
Sample lyrics from the song Down for Whatever- "When I was little, I didn't want to be like Mike.....I wanted to be like Ike"
by JT10 May 29, 2006
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