11 definitions by Smoove B

Your's Truly. The coolest macinist motherfucker on the face of the planet.
What up B?

That's Smoove B to you motherfucker!
by Smoove B March 10, 2005
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If you are dating someone who doesn't live close to you, it's the distance you need to travel to get laid.
Yeah Tina is great, but I can't handle the sex commute.
by Smoove B September 12, 2005
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A word that I thought I made up but apparently did not.
That sloot better not show her face around here again.
by Smoove B April 1, 2005
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To say you are going to do something and then back out at the last minute. To flake out.
I can't believe you piked out again last night. You are such a piker.
by Smoove B March 24, 2005
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Outdated, obsolete, overused. Often refers to an idiom or colloquialism.

See played out, beat.
The expression all that is played.

Jerry: Helloooooooo!
Kramer: Jerry, that's played.
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
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What you say to someone after you give them a bitch slap. Can also be used after shaming someone in some other way, e.g. proving them wrong or stealing their honey.

See also How ya like that sucka.
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
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A slightly more inslulting substitute for How ya like me now. Should be pronouned with a slight pause between that and sucka with primary accent on that, secondary accent on suck.
How ya like that sucka!
by Smoove B February 17, 2005
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