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The best way to dance with a girl at nightclubs, or house parties.
Step 1. Ask the girl if she wants to dougy
Step 2. If 'yes' she will rub her ass on ur dick area.
Step 3. Don't let your dick area leave her ass area (so if she moves side to side, you move side to side)
Yesterday was AWESOME cuz me and her were doing the dougy at some nightclub!!! WOOO
by Thad Badassle March 28, 2011
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1. a slang term used for an older male who happens to be, or look like, a sex offender.
2. A pervert
3. An ugly old dude in porn
1. I heard Becky was getting engaged to that dougy who works at the grocery store.
2. There's always some dougy sniffing butts at the front row of a strip club.
3. Did you see the new porn Maria did? She gets tag teamed by two dougies.
by Gottiblunts March 27, 2007
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a word invented by Preston Smith in 2010 for people who are related to 'douglasses'. People try to take credit for this name when rightfully belonging to Preston Smith. Brad Fraser claims this word was used by a so called 'Ell Bell' when obviously not. The NDSA (National Terrets Syndrom Association) is trying to spred the word that this word does belong to Preston Smith yet Brad Fraser goes by this name thanks to Smith.
hey dougy, how are the cheeks?
by buildembigraiseembiger June 16, 2010
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