To up the anty when trying to get someone to do something. Not as much as triple dog dare.
I emailed Kristyn and gave her a double dog dare to beat my many entries on urban dictionary!! I dont think she could do it!!!
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
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After a dare has been made and the daree has refused, the darer can then raise the stakes by double dog daring the daree, meaning that if the dare is carried out by the daree then the darer will also perform the task.

Triple dog dare is when a third person wants in on the dare. And so on.
I double dog dare you to moon that cop. If you do it, then i will do it.
by manvan captian kirk December 28, 2010
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A phrase used in elementary school to pressure someone into a situation. After the dare has been declined the person "daring" the other will try to take it to the next level. The origin is unknown but is commonly believed to have made it's debut in the movie "A Christmas Story". Use before going to the Triple Dare, Triple Dog Dare, and then if all else fails revert to cursing.
Flick: Are you kidding? Stick my tongue to that stupid pole? That's dumb!
Schwartz: That's 'cause you know it'll stick!
Flick: You're full of it!
Schwartz: Oh yeah?
Flick: Yeah!
Schwartz: Well I Double Dog Dare ya!
by MegasNexal84 October 30, 2013
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when someone double dog triple dares you to do something, you have to do it no matter what
ryan: I double dog triple dare you to ask her out
wills: dang it ryan, now I HAVE to ask her out no matter what
by princessesga November 23, 2020
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higher then a triple and double dare. if refused this dire consequences will happen
yo, i quadruple hog triple dog double frog dare you to put out a lit cigarette on that cop. if you don't you have to burn down your own house!
by asdasdadaaa October 21, 2011
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