Boring ass town on long island were everyone is different. Here you manage to have the richest and poorest kids come together to learn. People from ab and north woodmere come 2 meet the poor from inwood... our football team is beast and we rival Jewlett... Major druggie population If u go here u no least one druggie and 4 dealers. Our skewl is being overrun by orthobastards who send there kids 2 private school. were mad poor cuz they run our budgets. two schools have been closed and a third is about to... our skewl is fucked up the smart kids are druggies (so are the jocks)infact almost everyone smokes or tried it... the high school was built on a swamp and a landfill..infact the high school isnt even in lawrence but in cedarhurst... damn my school is gay
i go to Lawrence High School does that make me a pot head


damn i only smoke ciggs
by SluttyBag January 17, 2009
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Where the fucking kids are high and the grades are low. Most of the dumb boys are virgins while all the girls are dating boys outta state online. We’re all selling weed and juuls here! Welcome to LHS
by itsseyarahknights January 16, 2019
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Bedford North Lawrence High School (BNL) is a high school located in southern Indiana, about 30 minutes away from Bloomington. BNL is known for their outstanding teen pregnancy rates and underage drinking. BNL is also known for having a different principal every school year due to scandalous acts. Your closest friend will stab you in the back in a accumulative of about 0.2 seconds. Hicks will fill your lungs with black smoke and try to run over your car as you're pulling out of the parking lot. Popular kids will stand in the middle of the stairwells and strike up a conversation. There are a total of 3 black kids in the school, maybe. Everyone believes they are either a photographer, a model, or an artist. If you don't smoke weed everyday, then you're a pussy. If you aren't getting drunk of the weekends, then you might as well kill yourself.
by sasiblaqqurl September 01, 2012
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A ghetto ass school with shitty people. Slightly better than Lawrence Central, but still awful. It always smells like weed and there's always some shitty freshman asking for a hit of a juul. There's fights pretty much all the time, people having sex pretty much everywhere and the white surban kids will always be smarter than you and there's nothing you can do about it. oh and we have the worst football team known to mankind
by alunnegiy November 30, 2018
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A ghetto ass school full of nothing but ignorant white people and annoying black people. Every hall way smells like weed. And most kids have alcohol in their water bottles. Someone got fingered in the middle of the lunch room and a girl fought a security guard that still goes there. Everyone's a pervert. And the only good thing we have going for us is our performing arts and our sports. If it wasn't for that then we would honestly probably get shut down.
by princesswhitegirl April 25, 2015
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A hell hole that's not as shitty as Lawrence Central, not as stuck up as Carmel and not as good as Fishers. Every five feet has at least one teenage mom and every hallway smells like piss and crack. The worst football team since b.c.
Did you hear that Lawrence North High School lost another football game?
by UrbanAnus March 17, 2017
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