verb; to penetrate any hole with two dicks
My buddy and I will double dick her tight pussy tonight.
We double dick the mouths of all new pledges.
by JJJJJ April 1, 2006
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(verb) To insert your penis in another woman's vagina before washing the previous woman's vaginal fluids off
I'm so pissed at Tyrone! He double dicked me last night after he was with Sherry!
by thedude315 December 9, 2015
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When you have an erection that goes down your pant leg and makes it look like you have a phallus like tumor on your thigh.
Oh my god I saw Kara in science class. I got a total double dick.
by crazyperson4931 November 18, 2010
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When someone screws you over in a big way.
Raul stole all my weed then smoked it!

He fucking Double Dicked me big time.
by IIIXXVII March 9, 2018
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Double-dicking, v. - Early 21st century hoin’ vernacular

a. flirting, conversating, or dancing with two males at the same time

b. the occurrence of dating two men within a 24 hour period

c. the practice of select and limited non-monogamy, i.e. simultaneously dating two men over a period of time

d. the feat of having some type of sexual activity with two dudes in a period of 24hours

e. a male to female to male threesome; or a male to male to male threesome

f. the act by men or women of using double-dong dildos during sexual activity

a. I thought she was going home with both of them dudes the way she was double-dicking at the club last night.

b. She'd gotten in the habit of double-dicking Nesean and Orishio on Saturdays.

c. She double-dicking and ain't ready to settle down yet.

d. Double-dicking really ain't my thing.

e. That was some serious double-dicking in that flick.

f. Requiem For a Dream has the best double-dicking scene ever.

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To double-dick a guy, two dudes simultaneously fuck a guy in his mouth or asshole so they can feel each other's cumgasms.
Chris and Tristan are going to double-dick me, so I'll get a double load to swallow!
by USAF Cadet October 12, 2020
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