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The word some call orchestra, when they are jealous and need some way to let out their pent-up rage at not having musical talent.

Or to make fun of orchestra people.
P1:Haha! You're in DORKestra.
P2:HAHA you're a moron.
by Yonnie December 08, 2004
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A combination of the words dork and orchestra. Primarily used only in secondary schools.

1) Used as an insult by people who cannot play an instrument, directed at a member of an Orchestra - usually at school.

2) Used as an affirmation of solidarity by the accomplished musicians inside an orchestra.
by BaanGaan August 07, 2005
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a title given to an orchestra member in a face off for the "top spot" between orchestra (dorkestra) and band (band geeks)
P1: band is so much better than Dorkestra!
P2: well I wouldn't want to be a Band Geek.
P1: Well, us Band Geeks win anyway so there.
P2: Nope. I'm pretty sure Dorkestra wins.
by picc_0_lo April 09, 2009
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1. A musical ensemble (usu. of the classical music genre) comprised of stereotypical dorks, geeks, and nerds.

2. A place where such individuals (dorks, geeks, or nerds) hypothetically "belong."
"Send her to a dorkestra with those new glasses."
by Urbansapien February 10, 2010
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