weed, gear, grass, skunk, wacky backy, stuff
a.lets go smoke some doobage
b.im picking up the doobage tonight
c.there is a man hair in my doobage
by Gavin 'n' ogg March 31, 2003
marijuana, reefer, weed, smoke shit, ganja. Could also be a supply of doobies.
"so Ahab, can i have all my doobage??"
"yo wastoid, youre not gunna blaze up in here!"
by siwshermlo September 2, 2009
Well doobage is what is made out of the plant that lives out in the backyard, known as doobs by stoners, or marijuana by the townsfolk.
"Hey man, we got doobage now. Ohhhhhhh damn this stuff the shit man!"
by Hugh Jass April 19, 2004
A small, dirty piece of male white trash, usually with an under-developed peachfuzz moustache, greasy longish hair (preferably a mullet), and a faded heavy-metal concert t-shirt. Usually the guy you go to last to buy a sack.
I don't go to monster truck rallies. Too many doobags.
by Steep Spiral February 4, 2005
short for the infamous insult 'doushe bag', this quipt will earn a laugh, whether used as an adjective OR a noun.
'Allen, ur such a doobag!'
by Baxter September 11, 2003
What you call someone when they constantly have weed and/or regs on them at a young age. They are usually compiled of mostly water-based cells mixed with zanex and commonly included with aspergers and the strong urge to le gusta dildos.
Doobage really needs to lay off those bars.
by ilovemycar64 March 16, 2011